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Prison! What does it feel like?

I came across these QnA’s on Quora about Prison and couldn’t help but share, always wonder that more people would want to know what Prison feels like.

What are the emotions one goes through on the first day of Prison?

Getting sentenced to prison and dealing with all of the emotions that come during the days and months leading to that first day in prison cost a lot more in terms of; everything, than what you feel on the first full day of prison.

You as the reader have got to realize that a person is told before they’re even sentenced that they’re going get the max amount of time, numbers start flying and emotions come falling. 

By the time they put you on the bus, you’re pretty numb to the part of you that wants to scream. More than anything… you just want to know what happens next…

Now you’re in the system.

Does life end when your imprisoned for Life? 

In the beginning it feels like life is over. I remember when I got sentenced by the judge; it was like this invisible door just closed on me.

Or does it feel like that only at the start?

Can you imagine being locked up in a prison cell all day?

It’s painfully boring, but it’s either that or go to the yard and potentially get caught in the middle of a major riot. It psychologically wears you down, because you can’t even step out for fresh air. If you’re ambitious, with an active mind, it can really be torturous, because you really can’t get access to the things you really want to do (like making music).

Prison is probably like Hell…. 

Please spread the word and share so that more people know what it feels like and don’t commit silly mistakes to put themselves behind bars.